Is bipolar world back? Incidentally, was world unipolar ever, except pre historic era, where private property did not exist and it was a natural class less society?
Yes, after demise of USSR, USA was much free to plunder the world than ever; Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya are few blatant examples!
But internal contradictions were not only not imperceptible but came to fore, like USA vs EU or China or rising Russia or pockets of resistance from proud nationalists Cuba, NK, Venezuela, etc!
Now, even though, #Imperialism is decaying and is in last stage, its effort to keep afloat desperately is causing tremendous damage to mankind, which includes terrorism, war, massive unemployment and hunger, despite even more massive wealth produced world over!
Ultimate aim of the progressive and revolutionary forces is to defeat imperialism (the highest stage of capitalism) and establish #Socialism (Social ownership of all means of production and subsistence), yet, we have to fight the imperialism and we know many countries are united against the prime enemy, that is, USA and allies!
We as individuals, groups, parties must understand this, know the ultimate aim of freeing mankind from capital, unite and support our respective governments in their anti imperialist policies and, more importantly, same time continue class work and class struggle!