Churchill for the bloody 1947 partition of India. This seems a bridge too far. The old imperialist’s enthusiasm for a Muslim Pakistan is well known, as is his matching distaste for Hindus strong morality and reasoning.. Although he was two years out of office when partition came. Its causes seem to lie deep in the subcontinent’s history and tribal make-up. It is hard to make a credible case that what happened was the product of a Churchillian conspiracy and totally shocking, Churchill’s disdain for the interests of black and brown peoples besmirched Mukergee’s awesome wartime record. If the Bengal famine arose from circumstances of British control, cocaine crops, jute for transport of hops for beer, failure to relieve the starving millions – or even to be seen to care much about them – was totally British. HOLOCAUST IN MILLIONS, MILLIONS Forced INTO STARVATION, and death, as did the Germans


RSS and other organisations created by British empire to serve its own interest is still haunting Indian working class and peasants! Finance capital with help of compradors has destroyed the sovereign status of 3rd world!

Fight against imperialism is not for restoration of nationalism but for #Socialism