The UN has a tremendous role in what is happening in the globalization of most issues around the World . The “New World Order” could not have reached this power of interference and intervention without the UN. It is the UN that is protecting and permitting all this evil that is reaching spectacular dimensions. The UN is here to give legitimacy and legality to such endeavor and to label any opposition to this order of the World as rebellion .

One cannot believe what is happening , how the rulers of this world are gathering in conference after conference studying and planning to further the war on poor countries after UN prepares the ground and gives the green light, how these administrators are rallying and debating and discussing and addressing issues and signing papers and coming up with resolutions while all what they think of is spilling more blood.

These administrators are intent on killing half of humanity , they are genociding the poor and have been doing so since ages. And no one can tell them boldly the truth about themselves. Nobody can tell them openly and frankly to go to hell . No, no one can do that , and we end up listening and trying to make something out of what we hear , trying to give it a direction and a meaning to be able to hold on to something and see how much time there is left for us before the monster preys on us .

Because this is what these conferences and meetings and UN resolutions and decrees are about: they are simply about preying and destroying , and preying and destroying is their way and their goal , and the UN and NATO and US and their affiliations of ISIS and its like, are all preying destructive entities. We are not dealing therefore with countries and systems and ideologies or with an order of some sort, we are dealing with the predators that have excelled in their practices and are fully equipped from head to bottom to carry on their mission .

These predators are famished and wants everything you have and will not spare you or anything related to you , and they will not leave you in the position to claim what is yours or to retrieve what belongs to you. Therefore, they will make sure that you remain powerless and helpless or be annihilated and your children and whoever comes with the intention to straighten out things and ask for justice . Anyone doing so would have his life at stake and will figure on their death list .

One cannot face these predators with half truth or mild attitude or with compromise and concession because this is not a language they acknowledge or understand , One is not to be fooled by their suitcases and neckties and smiles or be intimidated by their display of power and money and weapons and science . One is to become aware of what they are and act accordingly . One is to refuse to identify with any aspect of their power at all levels .

We the people of the World are eligible to become the next Red Indians and the decree against Muslims and Arabs have been issued long ago. The same time the genocide of the Native Nations was taking place in the New World this decree against Arabs and Muslims was issued . It was decided- then- that Islam should be defeated by the western powers. This decree is now being implemented , Israel and Sykes Picot were but the first chapter, and the Khilafa is the second, and there is more to come.