Received a mail from Swaraj Samvad on their final meeting in Jaipur on Peasants’ exploitation and my reply:

All the best! Do not stop at fighting against corruption and finding solution in existing constitution, which has lived its life by serving the Capital and its henchmen Congress, BJP and various regional parties!

Peasants in India and even world over are being exploited, being evicted from their land as the Capital(Finance Capital, which knows no International Boundary) finds land a very attractive destination to grow, when economic recession has blocked other ventures, be it production or services or even speculative.

Remember land is not only for cultivation but also estate and some even house huge costly forests and depository of mines!

Hope, the base is reached to fight against all forms of exploitations and workers are not left behind as they are the true leaders for fight against the evil Capital and are capable of leading their comrades, the peasants as well!