All those desires and dreams are in vain! The common man thought, or hoped, that it is enough to riot, to join crowd, rise with lovely slogans made by Event Management Cos, like APCO and vote Modi and the Ram Rajya will come over to them and their living conditions will improve one day to the other.
No, they are just pawns on the chessboard. The “Event Manager” gave them some money per event, Rs 300-500, but too little for even one week to have a nice time!!
And 100s of rules will have to be adopted, not really on the strong side of the workers and peasants. In the meantime, companies will crash, jobs get lost, people will suffer, prices will go up – the whole program; natural in capitalist society, yes pure capitalist society and I am not talking of crony capitalist society.
Maybe next election, you will be given another dream, presented by Corporate India, with different slogans, Rs 500-700 to participate the event, your local leaders with some more sops!
You as vacillating middle class intelligentsia, will go down further with few exception; yet will oppose all forms of “ism”, as you feel suffocated by any model, nonetheless will support capitalism!

That’s why #Socialism is dream of vast majority of working class, peasants and are much more consistent than you!!