We have examples and counter examples. We should not only see the data provided by government and independent organisations but also must see the trend, which gives us the glimpse of tomorrow and our ideology of tomorrow and even if it relates to minority today, tomorrow is for the majority!

Swaraj, self rule, was vision of philosophers and humanists, even during slavery, where the slaves were preferred to have right to choose masters! On few occasions, they refused to be independent, even when they were offered freedom, as they lacked basic subsistence! So were the peasants in feudalism and now Swaraj in capitalism!

Swaraj, self rule, as a “democratic” and political right without getting freedom from Capital, Imperialism (Gets in your house to force you to accept its hegemony; Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc directly and Ukraine, Egypt through yellow revolution) and your own compradors is not even worth castle in air!

Swaraj, only possible in Socialism, the common ownership of social wealth!