While we are united against Land Acquisition Bill, we must move ahead of opposing this bill, which is meant to dispossess the peasants from their land! What is the solution of peasants’ miseries, which is deteriorating everyday, even without this law?

In fact, the working class as a whole, be in mines, factories, fields; organised or un-organised sectors are rising numerically, becoming poorer and losing whatever the democratic rights they have! Unity is one aspect but on what ground?

Religion, caste, national chauvinism has united the working class as desired by the capitalists and their henchmen in various groups, are engaged in fighting with each other and permitting the parasites, idiots to rule us, while living in VVIP facilities, with Z-Cat securities! Our unity has to be on class line!

The exploited must be united against the exploiters, the criminal and corrupt rulers, to fight and defeat the rule of profiteers for ever! Defeat Cong/BJP forever!