Where is AAP heading; Left or Right?

To discard AAP is a pre mature forecast.

Whatever is happening in top leadership should not have happened but it is positively cheering Congress and BJP camps, along with their masters, the Corporate India!

Despite going into the details, who said what, let us concentrate on only one issue here, that is, ideological warfare between the two camps, viz, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav!

Before that, I will like to remind the readers, the statement of Ashutosh, the AAP leader, where he said “The fight is between extreme Left and Right”!!

Before and later, what happened was nothing more than a pre-planned mudslinging by both sides, more so by AK group, which was a pre-cursor for throwing the opposition out of AAP!

Well, the crux of the matter lies here. Who worked how much, how he sacrificed, how he made AAP to lose or win, is part of this back ground, on which none of the group is talking.

The worst outcome of whole episode is being seen on thousands of volunteers, unknown faces, learned, middle class young men, and women,  who were committed! They not only gave their time but money as well to support AAP in its bad days (Post LS election) in streets, in social media but also collected money, donated themselves and were the reason for the Delhi victory!

Hope of common man, peasants and workers were high, volunteers were in the 7th heaven, peasant’s movement against Land Acquisition Bill was rising with its procession from Palwal to Jantar Mantar in Delhi under Anna’s leadership, AK, and Manish Sisodiya meeting him, was the height of success!

But the fight for the control of AAP ideology was brewing. Prashant Bhushan, before being ousted from PAC, had said the 34 point agenda to be discussed by the AAP as its programme was pending since 2 years. The Right group was in no mood to be identified as Left and was satisfied with it slogan to clean Capitalism from “Crony Capitalism” with JLPB, governance and Swaraj!

The credit of victory in Delhi VS was given to AK as the slogan #5SaalKejriwal was still making its echo! Role of “Left Wing” was forgotten in the aftermath of grand victory.

Communists had fought on 8 seats in Delhi and had secured only 6500 votes approximately, while they had supported AAP for the rest. Few other parties, like TMC, JDU, and RJD etc too supported AAP. Congress headed for a total rout and BJP with 3 seats was far from ‘satisfaction level’ as it too was dreaming to rule Delhi by all means!

Now it is to be seen, what and how AAP moves ahead without its Left wing, ‘common man’, the space vacated by Communist parties, due their anti-workers’ policies, was taken over by AAP, but now what? Right space is crowded, hegemony established by BJP with all its rhetoric and jingoism!

Indian politics has always drama in its chest, hidden or open sometimes! Failure of AAP would leave common man, peasants and workers high and dry and the corporates’ henchmen and media will ensure the “risen mass consciousness” is adopted in its system and remains dormant again for few decades.

Will next rise be with arms?