Jamia feminists say it with sanitary pads


These feminists need to come out of the walls of the limited horizon they are living in! Such postings on walls, social media is nothing more than what the present system, based on exploitation, permits!
Yes, the system “permits” you to sway within the boundary, it has laid limits for you to shout! Its happy, as long as, you do not resist, attack and destroy their mechanism to loot the mass, peasants, workers, our natural resources and public property!
Women’s oppression is linked with the above exploitation; by reduced salaries, unpaid house works, which permits capitalism to pay less to their male partners as the family can survive and come to field, factories to work next day!
This further degrades women socially, sexually as lesser mankind; she is further tortured through religion and own families and rape is extension of this system, descending to misogynist’s diseased mind!
Free mankind from all forms of exploitation; women and children will be free, safe and happy!