We need to expose the present peasants movement. The leadership consists of Acharya Govind, an apologist of capitalism, Swami Agnivesh who was caught passing information to Congress leaders during JLPB movement, Vaiko, CPI leaders, Tikkait and many others, who survive on peasants’ hard work, simple parasites!
Leadership is opportunist, puppets of capitalists but the grievances of peasants are real, they are being exploited without any concession and now on verge of expropriation of their mother land; earlier too it has happened since independence but now more openly through new laws and merciless rulers to let their accumulation of wealth hasten!
While, we need to expose the opportunist leadership, we need to support the peasants demand, teach them to widen their fight from land to political arena for total emancipation! We need a Socialist revolution to end all forms of exploitation, end the miseries of people, peasants and working class!!