AAP has won 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi VS election!!

Way back, on 25 Aug, 2012, when I was at Bhubaneswar Airport to return back to Delhi, I happened to meet Arvind Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodiya; that time AAP was not formed but was declared that the breakaway group from IAC will fight for JLPB politically and put in efforts to gain political power, as it was challenged by both Congress, BJP and their various allies over a period of time, to enact JLPB in LS!!
That time, AK planned to name his party “Anna Party” and on questioning, what if Anna refuses to agree, he said they will force him to do so and later jokingly we said, aim of this political fight was to make common man(Aam Aadami) share the power and hence let it be named as AAP!!
On asking about Kiran Bedi, if she will join this new party, AK said very clearly that she has preferred to be with BJP to counter Congress!!
Well, that’s history. Swami Agnivesh, Sri, Ramdev, VK Singh, etc, and now Kiran Bedi along with many other opportunists preferred to be with power rather fight for JLPB. Like in 1977, the mass movement surrendered to the opportunists; RTR, Right to Work, Satat Kranti (Continuous revolution) led by JP, etc were buried due RSS/Jan Sangh, JP, Cong(O) and other opportunist leaders; here, too, same fate was to be accomplished but the AAP turned out to be the biggest hurdle!!
See the restlessness in BJP as well as Congress camp, see how they are joining the negative propaganda against AK and other leaders of AAP, lies and treacheries by the corporate owned media, abuses and superstition raising slogans in social media and in open; like Hindu women must produce 4 children, etc. The state and its machineries, like police and others are openly hands in gloves to malign AAP and its ideology of corruption free society, corruption free politics, Swaraj to reduce the involvement of state in planning and even spending the public money for their own development!!
This election, Delhi Vidhan Sabha, has turned out to be the mother of all fight against the corrupt system, led by Ambani, Adani and other big industrialists and their henchmen. FIR was lodged by AAP government in Delhi against Ambani for fraud electricity bills, etc and auditors were asked to find out all the irregularities but the moment Modi government came into existence, law was amended and Delhi Police Crime Branch’s power was curtailed and Ambani got free, auditors were told to stay away from this open loot!!
Before I elaborate the above point, I would like to add, I was part of door-to-door campaign in Dwarka, part of Matiala VS, and to my surprise I found, the lower class, the workers of both organised and unorganised sectors preferred AAP without any hesitation. Whether they worked as vendors, guards in all societies, maid servants, rag pickers, newspaper distributors, they felt that AAP was their real friend and any hope of change for better future was with it only.
This class also understands the jargon and rhetoric of Modi, Kiran Bedi and for whom they work!! They are not lured by the religiosity and even by the caste, region equation. They knew very well, why AAP candidate Gulab Singh lost last time as there were pseudo candidates with similar names and signs like torch to confuse the voters; AAP candidate had lost by less than 4000 votes, while these 2 candidates, never heard off or even never campaigned, got 9000 votes. Also, last time they did get lured by 300-500 Rs and a bottle of rum, but this time their determination is firm!
Middle class, as ever, is most vacillating class, bows to upper class with awe but hates the lower class. During Obama’s visit, millions of Rs were spent on making Delhi presentable, super security arrangements, FDI, etc but no ‘subsidy’ as it makes people paralytic, gives them kick. Such mentality has made section of middle class support the criminals and corrupts; remember how the Nazis got support of German mass and once in power, how they butchered the minority in name of nationalism, started 2nd WW and eventually destroyed the country!
Well, to sum up the above point, the Delhi election has virtually turned out to be war between undeclared Left and the Right! Right knows well, if AAP wins the election, there will be a great threat to the entire ruling class to work for the people, give ground to the working class and peasants, failing which Congress will not replace BJP in 2019, but AAP will do so and all the laws made in favour of Ambani, Adani, big corporates, MNCs to grab land, curtail workers’ right will vanish!
Now, after AAP coming to power, the existing state machineries, police, judiciary, army, etc will ensure the privilege of the rulers and the repeat of Chile, Allende in past and Egypt at present can’t be ruled out!
The base of corruption is ‘Private Property’ and its rule over the mankind! The capital, the accumulated dead labour over centuries, has become very powerful. It acts better than any political power, state and is free of any religiosity, national boundary and works with precision to grow itself. Obama’s visit to India and his acceptance while being interviewed by CNN on 01 Feb, 2015, to show how US financed millions of dollars to grow people’s movement in Ukraine and how it was able to change the government and establish a puppet there to further the interest of US capital; proves the point!! Remember, Delhi HC verdict, in which it censored both Congress and BJP for taking foreign donations!
Left, world over, especially in India is disillusioned with the power of capital and working class, their unity and the latent revolutionary power due their own opportunism. They preferred Congress compared to BJP rather the workers but what was the result? In 2014 LS election, they tried to revive 3rd Front with the worse regional parties!! Utter failure of their understanding of Marxism, failure of ideological clarity; no fight to defeat capitalism for socialism! Many of their cadre, including medium level leaders, might have heard of dialectical materialism but do not know what it refers to!
Here, AAP is replacing the Left, and the Left has no courage to counter as the former is doing same what the latter has come down to after decades of opportunism and now has no courage to correct their own treachery against the working class! “Self-Criticism”, like dictatorship of proletariat is matter of history books!!
Kudos to AAP for preserving the 2012 mass rise, which was almost murdered, and even Anna Hazare did help in the disintegration, knowingly or unknowingly, by giving statements against AAP at crucial moments, by supporting Mamta Banerjee and not helping AAP, the only party which still was fighting for JLPB!! He never, criticised BJP’s opportunism, criminal and even rapist MPs directly; barring few general statements to show that he was neutral; though this neutrality, too, harmed people’s movement!!
The revolutionary leaders, the mass, the working class and peasants need to understand the present threat by the capitalists, by the imperialist forces; must unite without religion, region and fight back and defeat these parasites, the “VVIP” criminals and corrupts and for a scientific socialism, for common ownership of all natural wealth and public property, for a classless society, for a superstition free, corruption free society!
Must remember, Vikas (development) or amassing wealth creates poverty! India, since independence has raised its GDP more than 51 times, population less than 5 times, yet the poverty has risen more than 10 times; yes the absolute poverty and not relative poverty, which is worse!
A mass revolution, capable of smashing old state machinery for a new one, one for the people and not for the dead property, can only lead to a new society, a class less society, a society granting freedom and equality to all, irrespective of gender, religion, caste, etc. Freedom from the economic woes, uncertainties and assurance of basics in lieu of work can only differentiate the man kind from the animals!
Need to march forward of AAP and the present ‘left’ for a true socialist, secular and democratic society!!