ISIS is example of the worst, which can ever humanity face!! Such mind, unimaginably, full of hatred and simultaneously brave, scant, nay, no respect or even worse, no feeling for human values! This organisation is developed form of Taliban, created by USA to counter the then degenerating USSR and continue its own hegemony for super profit, to control the bigger share in the world market! Now, Obama’s ‘good’ terrorists were to help his masters, the oil and arms dealers, to control the Arab countries and same time restrict the rising influence of Russia, China and even the BRICS! What is the solution for the suffering masses world over, where one billion people go hungry everyday, where the excess grains rots in gowdowns? Whatever, that may be but positively not the present democracy or capitalism, which is historically obsolete!!

This was my comment on TOI on their post:-

I battle to defang ISIS, US targets its psychology