Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in the Kremlin’s St. George’s Hall. (RIA Novosti/Grigoriy Sisoev)

Russia is open to the rest of the world and ready for developing equal partnership with other countries, said Vladimir Putin He dismissed treatment Russia through strength and sanctions as ineffective and warned against scheming.

“Talking to Russia from a position of strength is meaningless,” said Putin in his annual state of the nation address to the Federal Assembly, stressing that the ‘deterrence policy’ towards Russia is nothing new.

“The deterrence policy was not invented yesterday, it has been always conducted towards our country, for decades, if not centuries,” Putin noted.

“Every time somebody considers Russia is becoming too powerful and independent, such instruments are turned on immediately,” said Putin.

US manipulating foreign relations of Russia’s neighbors

The US has always been, either directly or behind the scenes, affecting relations between Russia and its neighbors, the president said.

“I’ve mentioned our American friends for a good reason,” Putin said. “Because sometimes you don’t even know to whom it is better to talk to: the governments of certain countries or directly with their American patrons.”

My Comments::–

Well said Putin and you are rightly steering Russia, which is hurting the imperialists maximum, which is, its hegemony and its policy of plundering others’ natural wealth and hard earned public property!———– People of the world, including USA/EU are uniting to oppose the #Imperialism and becoming more and more pro #Socialism! The hunger, unemployment, degradation of people’s living standard is more powerful to be ‘controlled’ by the propaganda througgh media and national chauvinism!!—— Scope of productivity of working class is at its maximum due technological advancement and managerial skill since industrial revolution but is degraded due over production, fictitious capital and rotting products in gowdown unsold! ——- Political conscious mass is no more ready to bhe hood winked!! Be ready for their rise and demolish imperialism bsed on irreconsible contradictions!!!!!!