I tend to agree with Ravish Kumar. Before I comment on his thesis, I will like to give an example, of an incident of recent past! #Snowden exposed one of the biggest crime of USA; it was spying the world over, through #PRISM, including India! There was massive up rise against this treachery world over, specially in USA and EU! Those leaders, direct victim of this spying, like Morkel, the German head raised hue and cry, as they had to face their own people, whose nationalism was hurt!
But, it did not take more than 2 months to die down and was accepted as ‘normal phenomenon’ or as nothing can be done! Indian reaction was worse. Congress said, USA was collecting data (for some educational demonstration??) and BJP leader Modi termed Snowden as traitor!
Conditioning the mass! The ruling class knows well, how to divert attention from the burning issues! They have many tools, religiosity, national chauvinism, regionalism, development plank, visionary leader, personality cult, riots, and if they fail out right murder of revolting leaders and people!
Article is becoming longer, wonder if you have reached here! If so, must understand that such plans to befool mass is for nothing else but to maintain the ‘democracy of corporate world’ and their henchmen on commission! Even the so called today’s communist parties, share the fruit of power as law makers and other posts! Friends they get high compensation for becoming part of this corrupt system and put dampening effect on revolting mass!
Don’t blame mass, they are in deep grief due hunger, lack of basics and ignorance! Yet they rise and sacrifice for better future! Its the parties and their leaders who cheat them repeatedly! I finish this, by saying that these mass up rising will not continue failing for ever! We will destroy the exploiters despite their rhetoric, police and army! #Socialism!!