Irrespective of which party one supports, many are confused on issue of free market. Media, controlled by big corporate, spreads myth that free market is consumer’s friendly and is base of democracy!!!!!!!! In fact the free market is itself myth which existed about 150 years back and is now resting in peace and its ghost too is not to be seen or heard!! —So what replaced free market? Monopoly!!!!!!——— Now prices of potato or tomato is barely dependent on supply and demand, though that remains base of capitalism and causes cyclic recession and none has control! ——Confusing? Dialectics!! Well forget it. Better example is property, which is controlled by the financiers and barely are sold on their actual prices.———- International market is another huge conundrum and the huge machinery of #Imperialism remains engraved to decide directly or indirectly the business of controlling the world resources and naturally the prices!! Remember PRISM spying? —–Well enough, but its important to understand the mechanism of pricing and at present its not consumer’s friendly!