The evolution of man kind has been evolution of tools through which they used to gather food, shelter, etc in form of subsistence and later store them for future and not the life style of chieftains, kings, etc!
DD Kaushambi, among very few historians of India, were successful in evaluating our history based on mode of production, production relation and saw the history as continuity of evolution and not in stages by some heroic deeds of some heroes!
D D Kosambi’s writings which have been seminal to the study of early Indian history: the relationship between tribe and caste, the link between Buddhism and trade, and the nature of feudalism in India. Many of the methods of Kosambi’s needs to be understood and our history re-written!
This I wrote as comment on the following article:
5,000-year Harappan stepwell found in Kutch, bigger than Mohenjo Daro’s