Thanks Wilson for updating the report on Modi’s USA visit. We all knew the real background and effect of this visit through social media and silence by the US media, yet a holistic view is welcome!

Part of Indians; I am not including the paid agents and media; who are over enthusiastic in Modi due national chauvinism and religiosity, do love in believing the euphoria, rhetoric and jingoism rather in the ground reality! This is in nature of people of 3rd world countries, who on one side love to see their country being proud sovereign, and yet bow to the might of USA’s wealth and military force!!!!

Majority of Indians are struggling to gather their basic subsistence rather watching the corporates’ created drama; although they are politically conscious more than ever before. People wanted change and so 31% of cast votes in previous LS election preferred BJP, but very soon, in previous by elections, there was drop of 10% vote in approx. 3 months for BJP!!!

Above analysis, I am not doing to defame Modi or BJP but to show how people are restive and are looking for change as they do not want to wait “long” as before.

I can only say long live people’s democracy!…/