Women’s exploitation sexually, socially, religiously, spiritually finds its base in economical exploitation, which is rampant in India by the big corporates, their henchmen and paid agents. Such exploitations find their prey even in child labour who are found in abundance in fields, factories, dhabas(Hotels) on roadsides and as house servants along with workers and peasants.

The pseudo intelligentsia blames this exploitation to semi-feudalism in India, which actually is extinct and giving way to capitalism, which is more advanced than the Russian capitalism at the time of Bolshevik revolution. Supporting the ruling class via Congress and BJP for new democratic revolution, that is to establish capitalism with help of local big corporates and FDI is not only myth but dangerous as it disunites people!

Imperialism, does never help the domestic market of 3rd world countries to grow and in fact it crushes it in fear of competition!!

Time for Indian revolutionaries and progressive forces to unite without religion and national chauvinism, which is rampant at this given time and lead mass movement to free the enslaved mass including women and children, whose emancipation can never be possible unless subjugated to emancipation of working class by abolishing the rule of capital!