Liked this article and I wondered if Stalin promoted personality cult of which he was blamed always by his opponents! Now Modi and his well paid servants have defeated all known personality cult hoopla hitherto, of which even Hitler/Obama/Indra Gandhi will be ashamed!
But there are people, with not only sense but even self pride, who do understand this occurrence very well and even the reasons behind this, which is open truth and known to all, that is promotion of corporates’ interest, be it for Indian compradors or MNCs!
People opposed to such promotions in name of a person, religion, national chauvinism must unite to overthrow the rule of corporates and the henchmen for once and for all for a society based on just, equality and with pride!
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By: Vinod Mehta

One of the great mysteries of the Indian
Establishment is its one-sided love affair with the US. When Manmohan Singh told
‘the worst US president in history’, George Bush, “the people of India love you”, he may have
sounded dotty but he was mostly accurate. The people of India do love the people
of the US. The question to ask is whether the reverse is also true.

As I
write, breathless Indian journalists journeying excitedly to New York ..

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