World militarisation is not incidental but a part of a grand strategy by the USA and allies to offset the effect of economic recession in their own countries and to crush any mass uprising against the capitalism and its deep exploitation! Taliban, Al Qaida and now ISIS and many other such organisations like Muslim Brother Hood or even smaller terrorist organisations in our neighbourhood are part of this strategy! Such “planned terrorism” helps the imperialist block to retain their hegemony world over. Another point I will like to make before I start on ISIS threat is that, the 3rd world countries’ puppet governments and compradors are adopted, though on fringes only!!
The hunger for the blood of ISIS gangs cannot be satiated. Gangs are set up supposedly in the name of Allah and religion but refusing the right to live to non-Sunnis as well as Sunnis that disagree with them, trying to create a culture of massacres, torture, decapitation, playing football with severed heads, etc. Such robotic, beastly organisations are product of Imperialist’s plot to divide any possible unity among the exploited in near and far future to overthrow the hegemony of very few big corporates!!

Following the abandoning of Mosul by regional powers to ISIS control as part of an imperialist plan, attacks on the Kobane Canton in Rojova (Kurdish region in Northern Syria) by ISIS gangs have been repealed by the Kurds and all those peoples who share their fate.

Initially directed against Syria and now attempting to control the whole of the Middle East, ISIS is uncontrollable. Having been supported and encouraged by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, ISIS are increasing its influence in the region through daily massacres and attacks.

The union of all regional Salafi-jihadist groups, ISIS is terrorising, dominating and occupying territories in the whole of the Middle East and primarily the Sunni-Arab areas. It is also clear that the international imperialist powers are trying to legitimise ISIS.

Those behind the attack on the Kobane Canton include international imperialist powers such as the USA, France, UK, and NATO who are wanting to increase the chaos and conflict in the Middle East and use it as an excuse for intervention, as well as those sectarian countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bombing Syrian lands is an example, where children have been killed!!

It is well known that Turkey staged numerous operations to suffocate the Rojovan Revolution. Having first supported Al Qaida, FSA and then Al Nusra, sending 2000 trucks full of weapons and supplies, providing money and logistic support and still failing to topple the Esad regime, regional dictators and imperial powers seem to be in agreement over suffocating the peoples’ rule in Rojova.

The Rojovan people are putting up a heroic resistance, causing great losses and the withdrawal of ISIS in the face of resistance by PYD and PYJ forces. The resistance is growing, gaining more support and solidarity in the region and worldwide.

Progressive forces support the attempts of Kurdish peoples and those of other beliefs, races and cultures to create a future that is free, just and united through the Rojovan revolution. Threatened by the advances in Rojova, dictators, defenders of denial and assimilation, imperialists that divide up the Middle East and draw borders with rulers are now attempting to suffocate the Kurdish struggle through ISIS.
USA’s plan to bombard the ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria, gives an opportunity to USA to intervene in Syrian air space as well as on ground later, which it had lost due Russia, China, Iran’s opposition!! This is part of a grand strategy of Imperialist forces and it helps the American and other allies’ big arm dealers to usurp huge profit and exploit the tax payers of their own country and the world pays through money and blood! Additionally, they are able to control the oil reservoir and calm down their home populace with some crumbs from this plunder, who are disillusioned with their governments due the longest economic recession in human’s history and who even went to streets in millions!
Workers, peasants and common man fought bravely and sacrificed world over against the sharp exploitation by the imperialist forces with the help of puppet governments and compradors, yet the desired result was not achieved as the latter was able to break the unity of people through religiosity, national chauvinism, money, lies, treacheries and divisive actions! Yet, the lessons learnt by the progressive forces, advanced section of working class in recent past will not go waste as anyone can see the rise and acceptance of revolutionary ideas and unity on class lines and fight for a system change rather change of government or even for a simple economic demand.