Who bothers about our constitution? Not Ambani! If constitution goes against him, he knows well that the rule will be amended in his favour by his puppets. This was done in past also during earlier NDA government days, when gas connection distributed to its own puppets was set aside by the SC, amendment was passed in parliament to regularise them!
So who cares about out constitution? Those criminals, corrupts and rapists who are law makers themselves and move around with Z-Cat Security? Or those 10 Crore child labours working in fields, factories, street Dhabas or as house servants, having no knowledge of constitution as they have not passed any basic school level also? Or 8 Crore roof less vagabonds? Or 2 Crore women, forced to earn their subsidies as prostitutes???
May be those corrupt police, administrators or even judicial officials with “No investigation” tag and lack of JLPB makes them bold enough to throw the laws in dustbin!
So, why do we need these Constitutional heads with excess burden on poor people of India??
Our democracy has failed, so has all the laws and rules! They are in fact to save the criminals and corrupts and their masters, the big corporates, from the wraths of hungry, humiliated human beings, that is us!!!!!!!!!!