In fact West knows well that Russia exists and in some limited way is successor of Ex-USSR, latter’s wealth, technology, huge natural and public property and has enough power to demand share in world’s market and thus threat to USA/NATO’s hegemony!———– World is re-entering into bipolarity and is destroying the concept of “New World Order”, where few countries under leadership of USA would loot the rest with impunity!! Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya was invaded and captured but Syria was a rude shock! Revenge and desire to teach Russia a lesson opened the Ukraine front with a puppet government established there. Now taken to the limit, Russia has woken up with right strategy to counter the USA’s onslaught; China, BRICS, Latin America and other many proud countries have joined the move. USA is facing the toughest time after Stalin’s death and its “cool” leaders have lost mental balance! Obama is acting like a lost street cur and to worsen the situation, the longest economic recession in the world has sharpened the contradiction in USA and outside in its camps!———- This is the opportunity for all progressive, revolutionary forces to unite, irrespective of religion, nationalities to further weaken the imperialist forces! I am thankful to the man, who started this page and gave me also a chance to meet all of you and raise hope for revolution and final emancipation of human kind!!!!! Hail Socialism!!!