BJP government has started its economic policy which resembles to that of Congress with very minute differences with additional rhetoric.
Social media, which was flooded by the BJP paid trolls, is free of them as they are no more being paid, hence looks deserted, while AAP volunteers maintain their presence, yet very few trending!
Today’s Railway Budget is presented and except some high sounding technology, there is nothing new to lure common man. Those die hard supporters of BJP and RSS may praise this government, but a big junk of people are already disillusioned. Reasons are many, like warm welcome to Nawaz Sharif, hike in petrol/diesel prices, onion crossing Rs 40/kg, no respite in INR against USD/GBP, dilution of labour’s law, etc!
BJP was fast enough to expose its rhetoric by copying Congress’ economic, foreign policy and its fascistic nature! Well, we still have to see its first budget as to how much anti people, it can get to show its love to Corporate world!
Now question is, should people wait for another 5 years to defeat this anti-people government? 1974-77 movement was based on RTR and once the new government was formed on this platform, they cheated mass. Should the people, whom are the owners of this country, have right to recall their servants?