To understand Modi phenomenon, we must understand the global economic recession or say economic slowdown. Yes, India is a part of this event and more so after 1992 when the so called economic reform started.  1992 was part of neo liberalism, which advocated business without intervention of government, which in reality meant open corruption by the business class. Not that earlier, these exploiters were doing the business honestly but it was a means to break the national barriers of developing nations, where some governments and opposition made hue and cry on FDIs and MNCs and created hindrance to own businessmen letting open loot of national wealth!

Bureaucracy was another hindrance, which wanted share in loot. Workers, on the other hand, was desperate due extreme exploitation which resulted from unemployment, lowering of direct wages and indirectly due rising inflammation, bureaucratic coercion, humiliation, corruption and were rising world over against state and corporates’ tyranny.

This led to neo-liberalism, a well-planned move by Imperialists and ensured its extension through their puppet governments, corporates and opposition. Here starts story of Narendra Modi in India!

2008 started economic slowdown but unlike 2000 and earlier in 1992, boom did not follow according to the economic cycle since 200 years. GDP showed decline and Corporates lovers MMS and others were restless. BJP saw a chance to rise as an alternate to Congress but they did not have any alternate to Congress’ philosophy. Readers may remember Shatrughan Sinha and Arun Shourie’s statement who declared both the parties same and their economic and foreign policies are same! Religiosity and national chauvinism had been their pet slogan to attract masses. Something more was needed and that was personality cult and LK Advani had run out the charisma, who had ensured earlier BJP led central government. Modi fitted in this frame and BJP happily granted more than 400 Crore for his propaganda which also included, change of his face so that people do find this 2002 blood stained man bit presentable! So there comes Modi on national level with branded and foreign level goggles, watch, prepared lectures, yet with blunders which BJP tries to cover with hired goons and hired social media trolls who not only keep chanting NAMO but join together in abusing the critics with lowest level possible and physically assault (Slightly different than what Congressmen do when Rahul Gandhi talks rubbish)!

As far as Corporates and FDI agencies are concerned, they sensed pretty well that the Congress will not be able to form government this time and as far as 3rd front is concerned, may not be good news for their drooping profit(Call if GDP?). Left was no threat to their hegemony or control over the Indian government but AAP came forth with such a force that it posed great danger to their unchallenged rule. AAP party not only exposed Vadra, Gadkari but also Ambani!! This was unacceptable, and Modi was selected by them to replace Congress and keep AAP at bay. Help of RSS, their owned media, few foreign media and businessmen was sought and the personality cult was boosted and what comes out is Modi, who has aura of 2002 riots, so called Gujarat Model of development(Which has been exposed beyond any repair) and ability to yap(This again has landed him in utter disgrace on many occasions).

Whatever, this is Modi!! But what now? Arvind Kejriwal has declared to fight against Modi from Varanasi and Modi was so scared, that he did send his intelligence to access the danger level. Vadodara, so far has no real threat to Modi but surely, people of Gujarat are rallying with AAP and that includes common man, peasants, workers, youth and students! Whether AAP succeeds in taking the revolution forward, which started more than 2 years back to fight for JLPB in Ram Lila Maidan, but has surely shocked the classical politics of India, which permitted the existing parties to rule India peacefully and not only exploit people but also loot them directly!

Modi’s charishma is exposed and his advisers are desperately trying to get his influence back but lacks shine. Paid crowd, paid media, paid goons, collection of corrupt and criminal politicians from other parties, rhetoric, national chauvinism, religiosity, very filthy abuses by supporters on social media and in society will fail if fascism is unnatural to Indian society and democratic, secular, socialist, sovereign India as elucidated in preamble of Indian constitution has to survive!