I have read this news earlier, so? This news has been addressed by the author.
Now, minorities are targeted world over to raise communal hatred, reason is very simple, that is firstly to break the unity of common man, workers and peasants and let the corrupt, criminal politicians, corporates continue looting them, secondly by some paid goons who have to survive on such riots and also make their ‘career’ in their ‘community or religion or even caste and region like Subraniam Swami, Thakres etc!
Bangladesh, Pakistan and India’s such communal rogues complement each other, rather fight against each other which is not feasible due national boarders and any such breaking news in any country makes them happy as their own business may flourish!
Swami, who called Vajpayee a drunkard, womaniser ….. and abused RSS, is an extreme opportunist and slimy character.
A right minded person is saddened by exploitation of any human irrespective of any religion, region and if possible tries to help them and not create hatred as ‘investment’ for higher returns!