Finally Kiran Bedi has openly declared her support for Modi; sitting on mass murder of 2002, ditched his wife for his political ambitions and followed another with all his state apparatus, doesn’t mind bullying Tharoor’s wife for personal pleasure, murdered JLPB after more than 10 years of fight etc!

She has been hobnobbing Modi and BJP but was looking for an opportunity to announce but the phenomenal rise of AAP did not give her any chance like VK SIngh, Ramdev etc and had to announce on Times Now on 09Jan, 2013 and finish her drama of being apolitical!

Only people rejoicing her move is naturally BJP supporters but even the leaders are not going gaga as this was known to them since long!

Time will tell, what she bargained for this! Last point is Anna; now whatever he does is not important as his only move for Jokepal is finished and he is in hands of BJP and Congress!

What a way to murder revolution! Wish AAP carries it till some logical conclusion!