MMS tried to give a progressive and honest face to Congress but failed like Vajpayee face to BJP!

Now talking of Modi as strong candidate of PM post is one month old when hawkish BJP, APCO portrayed him as development man, but his murderous stand against Gujarat Lokayukta, in which he stalled it for 10 years and finally when it came into existence after kick from SC, it was made tooth less!

Further, his street urchin image, as he used massive state machinery to follow a girl in Gujarat and Karnataka destroyed his chance of becoming PM!

Last nail is by AAP victory in Delhi, and its rise after that, where its membership has already swollen in millions, and its declaration to fight for 300 seats instead of 100 which it had planned!!

MMS and Modi are part of history, where former is symbol of puppet of Gandhi’s family and later is PM in waiting, on whose personality cult BJP and a part of corporate world tried to crush people’s movement!