Modi’s model has been exactly the opposite to that of a welfare state; He takes away from the poor and middle class and gives to the rich and has thus become a darling of the corporate houses. In the last ten years he has reduced the salary of all class-3 and class-4 Government servants, teachers, forest guards, policemen by 66% of the regular salary payable to them. Currently he is appointing ten thousand primary teachers (class 1 to 5) with PTC training @ Rs. 4500/- which is less than the minimum wages of a sweeper in a municipal corporation. Similarly, for the industrial sector, he has made the SEZ law where land is acquired by Government and given away to industrial houses for pennies; the labour laws are wholly diluted in such SEZ and a worker has close to no rights. –Read More At:

This is pure Fascism to counter people’s anger against dwindling welfare measures, prevalent crime and corruption in all parts of state machinery, hunger, humiliation due longest economic recession in name of religion, national chauvinism!