Emergence of AAP and Consequences

AAP victory in Delhi, though not sufficient to form government, has made history. This fact in itself is not sufficient to justify reasons for making history but its manifesto, thousands of volunteers from across the country, selection of its candidates independent of their religion, caste etc, fighting election with common man’s donations, etc are but few reasons for starting a new epoch and creating fear in existing parties who hitherto had been doing politics without second thought of the people!
And another angle of this history is the effort to find solution of hung assembly in Delhi is to approach people on 17 Dec, 20 13 and find out what they want? In the meantime, on this date, Rajya Sabha passed Sarkari Lokpal Bill supported by Anna brokered by open agents of Congress and BJP! On 18th Dec, 2013 Lokpal Bill is passed in LS as well, this in itself is history, but will be remembered as treachery to people and their dream of corruption free India through JLPB!
Lokpal Bill had been pending since 45 years, but the way it was passed, like Congress, BJP, RJD etc supporting its enactment, who had been dead opposed to it earlier and even calling Anna by all names, crates suspicion on their integrity and of course the effect of AAP victory and restlessness in all these old and corrupt parties to contain this rising “monster” against corruption and crimes!
AAP Manifesto: In addition to making electricity 50% cheap, certain amount of water to be provided free, making special force with help of Retired Army Officer to protect women, other emphasis was on rehabilitation of rag pickers, contract labours, hawkers, parking facility for vehicles adjacent to societies, making tax payment etc simpler to cut corruption etc were added jewels in this newly emerged party’s manifesto.
Yet, there was enacting of un-diluted Delhi Lokayukta, and that also implied RTI on political parties, once in power in Centre!
NOTA: Another astounding phenomenon was 14 lakhs vote to NOTA in 5 states!! This implies that voter did come out of their cosy residents, went to polling booth, determined and voted to None Of The Above(NOTA), knowing well that even if it gets maximum votes, there will be a winner, the one who gets second maximum votes, the runner! Democracy, if it exists in India on the shoulders of 10 Crore child labours, 9 Crore homeless Indians and 2 Crore prostitutes, must change in form and content to survive! This incident is not only due AAP as NOTA was voted in Delhi as well, though in small percentage, but due people’s anger on existing system, whatever, one may call it- democracy or Loot Tantra or Dalal Tantra!
Effect on Foreign Policy
Difficult to foresee at present, what is the foreign policy of AAP, even though economic policy is abundantly clear from its Delhi manifesto, which has sent shivers among the agents of Ambani, Adani; only yesterday BJP ex-President Gadkari said AAP is “Right Maoist”! If you talk of controlling national wealth in favour of common man, peasants, workers, you become Maoist?
Well, as well as foreign policy is concerned, remember Snowden, American whistle-blower, incident, where only one to support his asylum request in India was Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. Congress and BJP treacherously kept mum on this huge criminal spying through PRISM, US network against India and its people! Recent episode of our lady diplomat in US being harassed found echo in Indian political parties, where Mayavati too opened her mouth supporting diplomat in name of Dalit, is nothing but drama by US agents at the time of election and not to let AAP hog the national sentiments!
So here is the glimpse of AAP’s foreign policy- independent outlook with respect of our Sovereignty and maintaining our economic and military interest, be it US, Russia or our neighbours!
Conclusion: Emergence of AAP has changed the way politics was “played” in India that is to loot mass for their masters, the corporates and for themselves and the state machinery including judiciary was for them and not for people.
Side effect of AAP can be seen in strengthening of unity among parasite political parties and state machinery to safe guard Corporates’ interest and their profit, which was evident in passing a fake Lokpal Bill, ‘strong’ stance against US hegemony, abruptly dropping of vegetable prices after election, and very positive effect is dramatic votes to NOTA and a cold rage rising in voters to oust existing rogue political parties!
Revolution is in making!