Common man has found, after 1977, some party to rely upon!
This faith is not simply due AAP’s fight for JLPB and a movement for corruption free India. This is due its commitment to peasants, workers, contract labours, hawkers, sweepers, rag pickers, oppressed women and minorities, many of them not even mentioned in corrupt and criminal Congress, BJP and allies manifesto, forget working for them!
AAP failed to reach figure of 36 was due last moment fake stings, Anna’s “Crusade” against AAP and his bizarre, obstinate “Copyright” of his name! This will be probably first time in our history some leader asking his supporters not to use his name!! Imagine Subhash Chandra Bose or Bhagat Singh giving decree to their followers not to use their names for propagating their views like in present time JLPB and asking people to vote for that cause to AAP!
Well, we must march forward for 2014 and not look back at “great victory” except to learn many lessons from this election!
Long live AAP lone live revolution!