The US government has intelligence and military people whose full time job is to re-edit any wikipedia post that is against the US regime!
State which evolved by the side of human civilisation, was tasked to safeguard the property of the commune against other communes and occasionally from its own people, so that the rightful distribution is maintained. However, as techniques to garner food and other required necessities for their survival improved, “property” was raised more than their consumption and it became possible for few of them to hold “higher” posts without working for basic necessities!
And the State started surveillance over its citizens who ever planned to revolt against states’ corrupt personnel!
Slow but steadily, since then, state has become very powerful and the gap between itself and the rest mass has become phenomenal!
Property has grown in dimension has acquired its own property and now has become capital that is, quality of self growing through “profit” or “super profit”!
Back to US plagiarism or super surveillance through PRISM has exposed the power of state and its capabilities to monitor world citizens and even “friendly” leaders to continue its hegemony and “edge” over rival economies!!
Here lies the crux of the matter of plagiarism, editing the anti-imperialist’s writings, surveillance!
It will not be fair if I close my writings without mentioning the other side of state’s oppression! World citizens are rising against all injustice which is already angry due the longest recession in history of human kind!
Imperialists are not sitting quiet against this impending revolt but are busy planting their trusted traitors of 3rd world countries to divert this revolt to fascism, internal war, conflict and even direct war against them!
Only time will tell us, how long this state sponsored terrorism survive!!