Irrespective of all auditing by CEC, NGOs, CAG, SC etc, we have 65% of our wealth as black in hands of few corporates and their agents politicians, bureaucrats, religious mafia etc!
Time for mass revolution as reforms have failed to harness our national crime, corruption, rape, where we have 10 crore children’s hunger, 8 crore homeless Indians, more than women forced to live on prostitution!

Any talk of reform is a treachery against the destitute, living hand to mouth, being exploited and humiliated every day on one hand and corporates amassing their wealth at accelerated rates.
Let us unite against this form of society, which is based on profit to exploiters and on degenerated culture and whose state and all its machinery is to crush any revolt of desperate and hungry mass for a revolution and bring a just society which has control on our natural wealth and market for a peaceful democratic and secular society!