पटेल पर मोदी का ओछा वार- Simple but good article to explain Sardar Patel vs Nehru!
One thing must be remembered that whatever a person may be, strong , decisive etc but he remains part of his party and his ideas are not above the party’s idea!
Both these persons were part of Congress, a party for corporates and anti people and their economic, foreign policy were extension of that.
Now everyone knows where is Modi heading for. Desperate effort to murder all political thoughts in name of personality cult and religion, and not an iota different from Congress and BJP’s economic, cultural, foreign policy!
This is natural in economic slowdown, where profit rate of corporates are going down and their well wishers are engaged in diverting people’s unity and wrath to crush any revolutionary movement before it builds up!
Very shortly, we will know whether the fascists have won or progressive forces are marching forward!