Appraisal of India by Taslima Nasreen is fine but she is dishonest in her appraisal of EU. Though she concedes that it is time for EU to show they are no slaves of US but praises them for their “great human rights” records.
I am sure she must be knowing as to what is happening in EU in longest economic recession and also rise of workers and common man against their governments against anti-people policy in favour of corporates and their profit!
EU grounded aeroplane carrying Bolivian President in suspicion of Snowden on board!!
Bur Taslima, doesn’t acknowledge such occurrences as if they never happen! Further, she prefers her ignorance about EU’s overt and overt action against AU and other 3rd world countries whose national wealth they loot even forcibly!
Writer’s only plea for women’s emancipation is half hearted ! Women’s emancipation unless part of abolition of all forms of exploitation of man kind, will not succeed.
As far as Snowden is concerned, he is great fighter for democratic revolution and AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal supported him and denounced Indian Government and other opposition parties for showing cowardice nature against US Imperialism!