If we accept rhetoric of BJP, we will be attacking Pakistan and lets hope both governments have enough understanding to “Not to use” Nuke Power and engage in classical method of war, and may be only 2 for weeks!
 Outcome? Hundreds of soldiers will die, Crores of Rs will be washed away in war, while using arms, ammunitions, oil etc, prices of all commodities will rise! In addition both sides national chauvinism will be main issue in media etc. Both Congress, BJP and allies will sing song of bravery of our dead soldiers and last but very important, our corporates, agents, hoarders will mint money, THREAT of AAP coming to power and implementing JLPB and RTI will vanish!
Is there another way of intimidating Pakistan than war or teaching them a lesson? Yes, if our democracy is strong, government is for people, the Pakistan people will not be supporting their own government in anti-India chauvinism but will try for a pro-people government, which incidentally is on rise!
Sounds day dreaming or utopian thought? Or if Pakistan declared war on us? We are not week and our Armed Forces are trained enough to tackle that but raising war mania harmful to us only!

War mongering or creating war mania, only helps government to crush people’s rightful demand! Say no to war rather crush Pakistan!