The mass agitation  raised level of consciousness about the fundamental flaw in the existing system of democracy, in which big business interests and their corrupt parties control the Lok Sabha. It has further exposed multi-party representative democracy as a process designed to permit the biggest exploiters, corrupt ministers and officials to loot and plunder our land and labour.

The fundamental flaw in the existing system of democracy is precisely that it excludes the vast majority of people from the decision making process. Parties financed by big capitalists have the major say in selecting candidates for election, in forming governments and in passing laws. People have a marginal role and only on polling day. The mass agitation for a people’s Lokpal Bill has highlighted this fundamental flaw.

The question that has assumed centre-stage by the development of events is where supreme power lies, and where it must lie. Who is sovereign? Is the people’s will supreme or is the will of Parliament or will of Cabinet supreme?

Answer is PEOPLE’ WILL