In 2002 SC gave verdict that all candidates for parliament or assembly must disclose their criminal background, financial assets and educational qualification but within 4 months ordinance was brought in Parliament by BJP led NDA to murder it!

Now in 2013 SC gave verdict that any law maker who has been awarded 2 years or more in jail will loose his seat till he is acquitted! Parliament tried to ament it within 15′ in LS without any discussion but was handed over to sme committee and UPA has brought ordinance to murder it!

NDA or UPA or their alliance are same as far as their economic policy is concerned(Pro corporate and anti people) and also foreign policy where they are like agents of US and its allies, which was evident on Snowden’s exposure on NSA’s criminal spying. Criminals and corrupts have not seeped into these political parties but the entire lot has become corrupt and criminals for money and power. These shameless but powerful men join together for scotch and chicken worth thousands of Rs per head party to discuss if BPL be lowered from Rs 34 per person per day!!

Answer is not to replace Congress by BJP as if this happens, next term will be by Congress again but replace them entirely by AAP and bring laws which is implementable and deterrent to such rogues who actually are anti nationals!