Recent events suggests mini Imperialist China is worried about its international image!!
Tibet may be a pretty advanced nation but Tibetans want Independence and it’s as simple as that!! Democracy means right to secede for all nations!!!
Dalai Lama is not re-incarnation of any previous Dalai Lama and he should renounce any such claim and fight for true democratic rights of Tibetans!!
India has been engaged in covert action in supporting this movement but China too has been supporting Pakistan. This support to un-democratic country by China is not for any theoretical compulsion but for its expansionist desire.
So time for India to counter pose its own stand?

All these stands of India and its neighbours are baking in a vicious circle. Who is to blink first? China, no doubt, is advanced economically, militarily and even politically worldwide, has big vision to dominate world and thus opposes US and its allies on their imperialist motives like war on Syria but quietly endorses its own economic expansion on US line like oil exploration in Iraq and mining in many African countries.

India, on the other hand, mired with corruption and criminalisation in governance and lack of nationalism in its almost all political parties, lacks such will power and is therefore forced to tow US line for both economically: permitting FDIs, taxing its people hugely, curtail all subsidies to cut deficit, tax-holidays to corporates which has foreign investment, etc.: and politically in international policy like meek opposition on Iraq/Libya attack at the cost of our sovereignty being held on lease!

Pakistan, part of this triangle, which could never get rid of its past history of Independence on religious ground and further it’s dismember ship into two parts, namely Bangladesh. All parties, whether in government or opposition, survives on religiosity and anti-India feeling. To worsen the situation, the Pakistan Army has become very powerful Vis a Vis political parties or say ‘democratic’ institutions including judiciary. Economically, this country is a failed state as its major source of income is foreign donations like US, Saudi Arabia etc. on cost of its sovereignty like India and whatever compulsion may be for the donors, but the donated amount lands up in corrupt military and political bigwigs and even in terrorists hands!

So, the triangle of Indo-China-Pakistan has become worse than Bermuda triangle and foreign players including UNO, don’t leave any occasion to fuel the fire. After Pakistan went nuclear, it was thought that situation will improve but Indo-Pak boarder keeps burning in same fashion as in past and so called Nuclear Deterrent has become meaningless.

Pakistan has been blue eyed of China even during Mao’s time when it was claimed to be a Communist country to surround India but USA too allied Pakistan despite Indo-Pak wars and aligning China side to oppose USSR! But now USA helping Pakistan despite Afghanistan’s rebels being supported by the former, defies any logic and International Relations. Only logic to support would have been Kashmir but that is a dead issue even in UNO.

So externally, we the Indians have never been very friendly with either with our neighbours or far distant developed countries except USSR, where India helped US only in spying against its own citizens to check spread of Communism!! Internally, once again we the Indians who got Independence in 1947(2 years before China) and in much better condition than China but remained woefully backward culturally, economically, militarily and our image remains as Snake Charmers and one of the most corrupt and rapist country, where people are most unhappy except few of those others like DRC, Somalia!!

What I am trying to say? China’s rate of progress has been much more than any other country and not by few percentages but qualitatively at different levels as well which probably matches only with ex-USSR’s initial few decades of progress, only difference between the two is that the latter was progressing on Socialist economy, where the Chinese are on Imperialist path with very strong National bonding.

What, we the Indians, do? Domestically, we must have a ruling class which is for India and not for themselves, corporates and foreign masters even if it is not for the working class and peasants, which is actually not possible till proletarian class rises and takes over the power.

Internationally, we must rise to the historical moment and stop playing a peace spoiler with our neighbours and help raise our stature from being US stooge to a sovereign country. If we become strong internally and follow an Independent foreign policy, China, Pakistan will follow the line and our role at least in BRICS to start with, will be worth mentioning. Example is Venezuela (I am not quoting a better example of Cuba).

These dreams will not materialise by our existing politicians and state and its machinery but by we the people of India, barring the corporate worlds which is totally rotten and is not better than leeches! Time to rise? No, but time to revolt!!