Today Kiran Bedi twitted “Modi’s speech revives hope!Provides evidence.Challenges status quo!Exhorts all to think afresh!Ignites patriotism. Recalls national heroes+”.

Most disgraceful thing to happen. I know writing here will not change anything in Indian politics but we need to expose such anti people statement which is glorifying Modi who is anti democratic norms personified!

We joined movement against all forms of exploitation including corruption and wanted JLPB to be enacted which was a long pending point since 1960s. We were cheated by the combines of corrupt politicians. Whatever happened, AAP was formed but our aim was same which also added preservation of RTI and various SC’s verdict including on convicted politicians. We all were very clear that existing parties were not only corrupt but anti democracy for common man but here comes an opportunist Kiran Bedi who openly supports BJP whose past is glorified with treason, starting from RSS allying with Britishers while rest India was rising for independence movement. In 1977 RSS and Jan Sangh joined Janata Party to rout Congress but betrayed people on RTR, the bane of that revolution. Right to work was never discussed. When BJP was in power with its allies claimed India was Shining! Now same BJP which is discredited among mass, is trying desperately to remain in power by the name of Modi, who is corrupt and criminal, but able to manage some voters by polarising them communally and some rhetoric’s on national chauvinism.

Will Kiran Bedi, police officer, wont know all this? She is joining those opportunists who are desperately trying to divide Indian mas in 2 groups namely Congress and BJP and maintain statue quo for big Baniyas and our miseries.

My only plea is that should we not expose her?