Whistle blowers have been in prominence in media and has caught imagination of middle class as well as that of intelligentsia. Reason has been due Arvind Kejriwal’s various expose in India and the great work of Assange Julian, E Joseph Snowden, Bradley Manning etc., internationally, which has shaken the world and of course has put the base of democracy in question. What is the meaning of whistle blower? An informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it. Also we must know that this act is not pardonable by any government or law as they take it as treachery and this informant gets no monetary benefit. US government trial of Manning is clear indication of it. US and its allies grounded aeroplane of Bolivian President passing through Europe’s air space in hope of capturing Snowden! WikiLeaks created by Snowden was the first International whistle-blower which created massive leakage of US secret ways of working and it embarrassed not only other countries which were exposed but US as well in relation to others. It was a major blow to US democratic face, exposed by Snowden when he showed the world how US was spying people of its own country in addition to other countries through their Face Book, Twitter, or any other social media, e-mails or even their telephones. These data’s were collected in millions or even in billions When the whistle blower was granted temporary political asylum in Russia(Snowden’s legal representative Anatoly Kucherena announced, which later was confirmed by Russia’s Federal Migration service on 01 August, 2013), his millions of supporter world over felt a great relief. University of California anthropologist Mark Mason told RT: – “Bradley Manning is a civil liberties hero. He will go down in history. People will be reading about him two hundred years from now about sacrifices of Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and other whistle-blowers of this period, Daniel Ellsberg and others. He has sacrificed his future for defending the right of Americans to know about US war crimes, this comes back to the larger context here, that we have the wrong person in the court. George Bush should be sitting in a court room facing charges for war crimes. And this is a story that will be told hundreds of years from now about the courageous acts of Bradley Manning.”

Whether these whistle blowers will be remembered later in future or not, there are 2 things to ponder. Firstly these brave men are extremely motivated to expose crimes of Imperialist USA for democratic cause and brave enough to put their lives on bet for human kinds. Secondly, these young ones are not very well read in philosophy or experience in politics to lead humans for better society ideologically like Marx or Gandhi but due the vastness of their act, encompassing not only US but larger parts of the world, they tend to lead mass towards revolution and finally to a real democracy. The fires in whistle blowers or say journalists, working in some sleuth organisation where they had availability of massive information, forced them to alert the world the dangerous situation they were living in. This information is not to counter terrorism but to locate revolutionary mass and liquidate them by subversion and other means before they succeeded. This also helps Imperialists to control 3rd world country’s government and through them their natural resources. Outcome of such whistle blowing is open for most of us to grasp. Some of the outcome includes exposing the nature of Compradors who openly supported US. In fact some of them sounded apologetic while some others were relieved to tell the US and allies, look we did not hide anything from you!! India topped all of them in showing its sycophancy. Only party to oppose Indian Government and support Snowden was AAP!! The world today sounds uni-polar but many small poles co-exist like Russia, China and even EU which keep struggling against US or among themselves for controlling world’s natural wealth. Additionally we can name few those countries that proudly are for their people and naturally against US like some Latin Americans and N Korea! Whistle blowers have major responsibly to expose nexus between the Imperialists and the bourgeois class to exploit workers, peasants and the natural wealth. Indian mining is good example to show how our ruling class sells our natural wealth to foreign countries on huge profit by giving minimum wages to workers, using political parties and state machineries who by our constitution are supposed to aid the Capital and its owners and not common man. Finally while I support Whistle blowers actively, I am for mass revolution world over to free human kind from slavery and end the rule of traitors of our own nations who sell our wealth to MNCs and keep us divided in name of religion, caste etc. and those of Imperialists who have made life of 3rd world country’s citizens as well as their own citizens worse than destitute!