भाजपा के अर्द्धसत्य को जनता डिकोड कर चुकी है मोदी जी, very right and what the author has written is equally right.
But Modi or BJP supporters are not supporting them because they dont know the truth, on the contrary, they support Modi or his party because they know the truth. They know that Modi orchestrated 2002 riot and later systematically destroyed all evidences! Modi has projected himself strong man, pro Hindu, same way as LK Advani did in Ayodhya Masjid demolition!
As far as Modi vs Advani is concerned is a mere drama or inner party power fight, not important for out siders!
So Modi like Hitler is getting support or life line on Fascist line in the time of longest recession, due lack of any progressive party to lead mass. There is some hope in AAP but only time will tell what is lying in future for India!