The Maoist movement is not rising due their faulty tactical and stratagical movement,
So the ‘Revange’ seems to be right plank to their leaders to unite un-privilaged mass! But how long? Your dream to capture state power by uniting these locals and peasants and later sorrounding towns by villages and fianlly the state is such rotten idea that it will never fulfil!
Mao, though flaurished and did well by uniting China and defeating Imperialists, become extreme ambititious and dreamt to bypass Marx. He failed philosophically, politically and economically!
Due frustation, where he failed to counter Imperialist USSR, he joined US to combat it!!!!!!
And now the Maoist theoraticans, who fail totally to grasp the nationalist Mao’s idea(Who and later China are trying to replace US to become number 1 Imperialist) are trying to emulate his ideas which is desperately outdated.
Still Maoists are not out of Indian politics as they are waging war undeterred and present ruling class is not capable to combat effectively due their internal fight for power and money!