Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as president of Venezuela on 19 April,2013, taking the oath of office in memory of the late Hugo Chavez to cheers in the National Assembly.
“I swear it before the eternal memory of the supreme commander,” he said after being read the oath by National Assembly speaker Diosdado Cabell.
Maduro, to start with I must tell our readers, is ardent pupil of late Sai Baba and has his statue installed at his residence in Carcas!! It means in final analysis he is not a Communist like his teacher and leader Hugo Chavez.
However, Maduro like Chavez is a great nationalist and will work for his workers, peasants and poor people and oppose American’s move to loot its national wealth, specially the oil reservoir with full force.
After death of Chavez, fresh election was held and Maduro defeated his rival Capriles supported by The US and other Imperialist powers by a slender margin of approximately 1%. Capriles did not accept the verdict as was expected and due opposition’s propaganda, election commission decided to audit the votes again. Opposition is trying its best to destabilise the country at any cost as it expects US help and if required direct intervention as well in name of saving democracy and right to free market anywhere in the world!!!!
Why is US scared of this nationalism? There are two reasons for this. First of course is the biggest oil reservoir to its neighbour and how the Imperialist can tolerate that it be used for its people and not for enrichment of its big corporate!!!
But more important than this is the flowing of this nationalist fire across the border of Venezuela to other Latin countries and the poor and workers may join the chorus!
USA and allies are finding this trend more difficult to control than ex USSR as their citizens were brain washed against Communists but not against Nationalists who wish to use their national wealth for their own people! (Consider this trend in India, what will happen to lackeys of USA? What will happen to Congress, BJP and their allies? Fear of AAP is not permitting them and their media to even talk about AAP).
All undeveloped countries are struggling to get rid of poverty. However, this is impeded badly due foreign capital which is extracting huge profit from these countries in name of free market. This is done by legal and illegal means; a good example of this is DR Congo. This African country is extremely rich in its natural wealth but one of the least developed countries. When its present rulers tried to take over its natural wealth in its hand the so called rebels across the border entered into Congo’s territory and looted, raped more than 300 women in a weak while UNO a US puppet watched silently. They withdrew after a so called agreement between DR Congo govt and rebels to permit status quo!!!!!!!!
Venezuela managed to control its wealth under the strong leadership of Chavez and now hopefully under Maduro. Time ahead is extremely difficult for the progressive forces as the American puppet Capriles will try to stage a coup de tat and bring back the old anti people governance meaning let the Corporate of USA and other countries loot Venezuelan wealth and share it with Venezuelan Compradors!!!!!!
Hope this revolutionary flame reaches to Indian mass and we are able to use our means of production ourselves. We Indians have advantage of being big and a direct intervention by USA and its allies is not possible unless we have traitors to help them as we had them in past and made us slave of UK