So finally CPI and SFI joined the Delhi Revolt opposing 5 yrs girls’ bestial rape. AAP was before anyone to find this incident and raise voice against such crime and against Delhi Police. On AAP’s big procession child was transferred to AIIMS and better treatment started. In this whole procession the police SP slapped a protesting girl twice in full camera’s view.The fire has engulfed entire Delhi.
On 20 april, that is next day BJP sensing loss of vote bank joined the chorus which was obvious. Now late in afternoon CPI and CPM’s student wing, SFI too joined demonstration under their banners. Why the left did so? One thing is sure, they still do not support Jan Lokpal Bill. Like any other political party they want everything to be decided by the elite parliamentarians. They are bogged down with minutest changes in JLPB like in what condition should PM be investigated.
Secondly as I see, these Left Parties are not able to see the revolutionary tide in India, In fact this tide is sweeping entire world due economic recession since 2008. But these Marxists can’t see this??
So finally, its clear that they have not joined the protest to move revolution ahead. They can not see the clear CLASS STRUGGLE in AAP’s movement between the haves and haves-not in form of powerful corrupt ruling class and suffering middle and lower class.Do they hope to garner some votes by this? They are for satisfying their own cadres who are disillusioned by their leaders and their defeat in W Bengal!! Victory in Tripura has not assuaged any pride.Their aim will not be fulfilled!!!!! They have ditched their revolutionary ideas and working class and such superficial measures like joining procession for name sake will bring them closer to their grave yard only.