Philistine approach has been our media’s outlook since its birth!
This could be due our rulers’ and their media’s basic understanding of Internationalism; globalisation where chances of rate of profit is likely to be raised even if our own workers’s exploitation is hiked with the help of foreign capital.
Second part of this Internationalism is to keep our worker’s concious level low to bar them from any lesson from others as to how to throw away the yoke of exploitation!!
Bangla Desh has been more secular in many senses than India. Now present turmoil is for freedom and true democracy, which also demands rights of workers specially of cotton market who are reeling under economic recession.
In most of demonstrations people of Bangla Desh are not only demanding right to practice Atheism but also protection of minirities!!!!!!!!
Now how can our political parties along with their media can tolerate this and letting our mass learn this and demolish vote bank???????