Arvind Kejriwal broke his fast today after 2 weeks.
A commendable job done by A Kejriwal for eradication of corruption which is deeply seated in Indian society and all wings of state machinery.
All poliitical parties are against AK, as his move is threatening all parties. BJP was hoping to ride the discontent wave of mass to power; was trying all stunts including Modi, temple, national chauvinism etc.
But this simple man, whatever opponents may criticise, is with mass and mass is with him.
Many myths like media is free in democratic India, Aam Aadami will not support to unknown party, middle class cant lead revolution etc were busted.
Delhi election will be a test for his party AAP with minimum time of preparation but revolutionary time accelarates entire process and it might win it.
The entire episode raises big question on Left Parties. Yes Anna , AK and supporters are not for socialism. Anna openly advocates for socialism, as he thinks that if corruption is removed from this society, all evils will vanish, this thinking is in line of Gandhian thought.
But what left had to consider that at present mass wants change and due lack of initiative mass is not with left. So supporting Jan Lokpal Bill was right movement. In any case supporting AAP in this move was better than supporting Congress in name of keeping BJP out of power.
The media owned by moneyed people was dead against A Kejriwal. It tried its best to black out this event but failed miserably as social media, like Twitter, Face Book ets out smarted it.